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Why invest in care?

In the UK, the 85+ age group is the fastest growing demographic, set to grow by 106% in the next 20 years

Care Management Matters reviews Care Home Invest

The Care Home Group's investment model was reviewed in last week's Care Management Matters magazine.

Whilst the sector has utilised the sale and leaseback model of finance for many years, it is now evolving on a smaller scale. Care Home Invest - the group's property development and investment arm - now offers smaller investors the opportunity to purchase a single care studio and lease it back to the operator, The Care Home Group.

Care Management Matters magazine - the complete management journal for executives and senior managers in the care sector - asks whether this a solution for providers to release equity.

It's great to see a general consensus that innovation is needed for the sector to survive - and The Care Home Group stresses its committed to high quality care being at the heart of all we do.

Read the full article and expert comment on the Care Management Matters website 

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