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Why invest in care? Demographic change points the way

Investing hard-earned cash is something that most people either don’t do, or worry about if they do - thinking they’ve made the biggest mistake of their lives and they’re going to lose everything.

Gilt-edge speculative ‘guaranteed’ offers are ten a penny on the internet and are best avoided. Usually involving hard to understand financials and complex portfolio deals, they are one sure-fire way of offloading your savings to a bunch of ‘advisers’ who’ll disappear in a mouse click once your money’s gone.

So, what do you invest in…? And the answer is elderly care - or more precisely elderly care homes suites.

Here are some some not-so-complex facts to convince you of the common sense of investing in this fast growing market; 

At the moment in the UK, 1 in 6 people are over 65. By 2050 the figure will be 1 in 4, or 25% of the population.

As for the over 85s, this is the fastest growing demographic in the UK and its numbers will almost double by 2030, creating a huge retirement market and a massive demand for care home beds.

This is a prime investment opportunity, and the time to get involved is now so as to establish a foothold in this property market before more investor flock to the market and push up prices. 

As early adopters, The Care Home Group has laid out our stall to help investors completely understand the concept of entering the care home sector.

What we do is straightforward. We purchase well-established but struggling care homes, renovate and refurbish them, turning each standard room into luxurious five-star luxury care studios that we then offer to investors.

We sell these ‘care studios’ at two levels -  to private investors looking to enter the elderly care market with guaranteed higher than average returns and buy-back options, or to elderly people looking to protect assets by buying an affordable ‘property’ within a fully-managed care home and spending the rest of their lives well cared for in a luxurious environment - with 24 hour room service/care, delicious home-cooked food, onsite beauty and hair saloons, chauffeur driven trips… all in the spacious grand period homes surrounded by private gardens.

As an asset class our care studios are platinum ring-fenced investments.

A look at the financials of any well-managed care home shows that net income margin(s) tend to outclass virtually every other sector.

And that is now. When the population increases by what’s forecast, the care home industry will be seen as one of the most prosperous asset classes to invest in.

But, the time is now…

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