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21 April 2017

More choice needed for retired home-owners

A Parliamentary Committee has launched an inquiry into whether the housing on offer in England for older people is sufficiently available and suitable for their needs. The inquiry follows research which indicates pensioners are stuck in over-sized properties worth £820bn...

21 February 2017

Crisis looming as care home closures far outstrip openings

The social care sector is “on the cusp of a national crisis” after more than double the number of care homes closed last year than opened...

17 February 2017

Property investment out-performing cash savings

More than £100 billion has been lost to savers hoarding money in cash ISA accounts rather than in stock and shares ISA accounts...

09 February 2017

Incentives to downsize out of the family home

Over two and half million homes could be released onto the property market if elderly owners downsized - according to a Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS)...

06 January 2017

Dramatic ageing trends spur rethink on care

New figures released by the Institute for Public Policy Research (IPRR) paint a bleak picture of future ageing trends...

03 January 2017

Early bird catches the trend

Private investors in care home properties can realise excellent returns if they enter the market early...

14 December 2016

Future-proofed investment opportunity

As the world's population ages at an unprecedented rate due to a declining birth rate and healthy longevity, the opportunities for investment in this new trend is also - unprecedented...

12 December 2016

UK Care Homes Construction Market Report 2015-19 - Analysis

Nearly all new care home development currently taking place is targeted at private payers in affluent areas of the country, according to a new report from AMA Research. As a result, care home investors and developers are now seeking sites and homes in these strong regional locations, although the rest of..

11 November 2016

Care home investment attracts investors

There seems to be plenty of appetite for care home investment.....

09 November 2016

Many believe property to be the ideal retirement investment

Many of us are now thinking that investing in property is the best way to plan for retirement. In fact, there are more people who believe this to be a better investment than those who think a pension is the best choice...

03 November 2016

Increasing care home investor appetite expected by experts

UK care home occupancy has edged up to 88.4% and earnings have risen for the first time in four years, standing at 27.5% - according to leading UK residential and commercial property consultancy firm Knight Frank...

28 October 2016

The impact of ageing ‘time bomb’

As a generation of post-war long-lived baby boomers dealing with increases in chronic illnesses and the care costs… a perfect storm is brewing for future generations’ ability to cope with numbers and costs...

23 September 2016

Property investment sector weathers storm

There were concerns that if Britain left the EU, universities would hike up fees for students looking to study in the UK from EU countries. ..

22 September 2016

Retirees now worth £1 trillion in property

Mortgage-free over 65s in the UK now hold property worth £1 trillion, with the biggest rise in the South East...

21 September 2016

The great pension fund…debacle?

Let’s face it… you would need an MA in Maths  to understand the UK pension system...

20 September 2016

An increasing need and the need for alternatives

With increasing longevity will no doubt comes an increase in age-related  illnesses such as dementia and Alzheimer’s disease that will need long-term care...

14 September 2016

Investing in a robust and growing sector

The care home business market in the south west of England is robust and growing...

01 September 2016

Downsizing and other options for care

Downsizing from an costly and large family home as retirement looms to invest released equity into a pension and a purpose built studio apartment in a care complex is becoming the prudent choice of many as they grow older...

25 August 2016

Calls for better self saving advice for elderly care

Calls have been made for more pension advice to be made available after a Citizen’s Advice survey showing that three fifths of British people who have dipped into their pensions have not thought about how they are going to pay for future care...

17 August 2016

Care home fees spiral to over £30k per year

Care home fees have gone up £1,536 over the last year, nearly 10 times the increase in pensions, to hit a new average of £30, 926 a year...

15 August 2016

Dementia care 'regional lottery' condemned

A damning report showing a regional lottery in the level of dementia care available in the UK will worry many diagnosed with the onset of the condition and family members living with a suffering loved one...

09 August 2016

UK low interest rates “fantastic for investors”

In a recent  interview on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme, Nigel Wilson, chief executive of the British multinational financial services company Legal & General (L&G) baulked the suggestion the UK was going through anything like the economic post-Brexit uncertainty portrayed in the press...

04 August 2016

A new care home model with old values

There are 425 fewer care homes in England than there were two years ago according to the Care Quality Commission (CQC).One of the ones closed following a damning CQC report was a care home in Northamptonshire.Inspected two years ago the home, offering specialist dementia care, voluntarily closed before the CQC decision to..

02 August 2016

Securing future care free of confusion and worry

How any of us are going to afford good quality care in later life is all dependent on how well we understand the shifting rules and regulations about who pays...

28 July 2016

Safeguarding future needs by downsizing

Remortgaging, downsizing or equity release of a property is something younger rather than older owners see as a source of income to fund their retirement.A report by insurer Aviva found that more 45-54s (69%) felt this way as opposed to 75s plus (39%).An Aviva UK spokesperson said that as retirement brought a host of financial..

26 July 2016

Learning new models of care and support for the elderly

Stringent standards are applied to all care home operators by the inspecting and regulatory body the Care Quality Commission (CQC) before they can operate.… but still a proportion of UK care homes are failing and facing closure.With failings varying from understaffing, poor hygiene, drug safety, to sub-standard patient welfare and..

25 July 2016

Downsizing and investing - a good option

There are more than 500,000 over 55 UK home owners who want to move but can’t because of the lack of suitable housing.This assessment from a group including the Home Owners Alliance is telling as it focuses on the need to address the needs of an ageing population to downsize for their retirement..

19 July 2016

The public and private challenge of an ageing population

With many countries already struggling to care and support a rapidly ageing population, world estimates that by 2050 over 60s will double and by 2100 triple are causing concern in the corridors of power...

18 July 2016

Moves to deliver more joined-up care

A Care Quality Commission (CQC) review of health and social care has found enthusiasm to deliver integrated care, as initiatives to co-ordinate different care get underway...

13 July 2016

An investment as certain as growing old

Growing old is an inevitable as the unavoidable fact - just realised by governments around the world - that as a society we aren’t going to be able to cope with the huge numbers of elderly living longer needing care...

06 July 2016

The repercussion of lacking care now

The elderly and vulnerable in society are bearing the brunt of a world lacking empathy and concern - because it doesn’t matter if it’s Canterbury England or Canterbury New Zealand, the news is the same; cuts, cuts, cuts to elderly and the vulnerable in society...

01 July 2016

Care home investment baulking investment trends

Not usually one prone to scaremonger, the New Statesman (online) magazine this week put forward a scenario where buy-to-let landlords throw in the towel and the housing market tips over into a chasm of gloom...

30 June 2016

Post-Brexit confidence high

Confidence in UK investments remains high even as the EU landscape is radically reshaped...

24 June 2016

Brexit raises questions about future of UK care home sector

The decision to leave the EU was as divisive for voters from the care sector as it was for the country as a whole...

24 June 2016

’Rock-bottom’ fees see home care firms exit council-funded care

Some major care home operators are stepping back from local authority funded care because of fee constraints...

10 June 2016

Is the end nigh for stock markets across the world?

Anyone with money to invest will tell you that long term investment in stock markets and equities provides the opportunity to grow your capital and even become a billionaire, as Warren Buffet achieved. In these New World conditions of ultra-low interest rates and bankers being loath to lend to businesses..

03 June 2016

Default problem and solutions

A quote from a National Law Review article 'UK Health and Social Care: Tread CAREfully, Mind the Funding Gap':..

21 May 2016

Prosecco and room service: how to have a stylish old age - the poshest way to spend those golden years.

A look at the new breed of care home opening for what The Times calls the ‘hip hotel generation’… catering for those with means, who don’t want to end their days in a traditional care home, the article focuses on..

20 May 2016

'Hunt' for that next investment

With the recent ’eyebrow-raising’ suggestion1 from the UK’s Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt that the current care home industry downturn is one of the biggest commercial opportunities for private firms, comes the realisation that it’s also a gilt-edged opportunity for private individuals...

13 May 2016

Retired income growth - and good old fashioned planning ahead

Average household disposable income in the UK was estimated as £25,700 in the financial year ending 2015 (2014/15). This is £1,500 higher than its recent low in 2012/13, after accounting for inflation and household composition, and is at a similar level to its pre-downturn value (£25,400)...

06 May 2016

BBC Radio 4 special report covers 'UK care homes in crisis'

Radio 4's 'You & Yours' programme this week gave a very succinct assessment of how many businesses in the UK care home sector are in financial turmoil and meltdown.. with many homes facing closure over the next three years...

29 April 2016

Why invest in care? Demographic change points the way

Investing hard-earned cash is something that most people either don’t do, or worry about if they do - thinking they’ve made the biggest mistake of their lives and they’re going to lose everything...

15 April 2016

More and more of us are getting older...

The last time the UK Office of National Statistics (ONS) looked at changes in care home population was 2011...

08 April 2016

Moving to a 'dignified' society

The problem with the living wage of course is that hiking up the lowest paid in a workforce doesn’t mean the rest of the workforce gets an increase...

25 January 2016

Care Management Matters reviews Care Home Invest

The Care Home Group's investment model was reviewed in last week's Care Management Matters magazine...

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