Our vision

We’re committed to delivering new and exciting assisted living and care accommodation solutions for today's retiring generation.

The UK is experiencing a significant demographic change; its population is ageing - and it's fair to say that couples and individuals retiring today expect more from life in their later years than any previous generation. The demand for high quality, fit-for-purpose accommodation for those over the age of 65 will need to grow significantly over the next decade.

We're introducing 'caring communities' - where residents can enjoy the privacy and security of their own luxury studio within a 5-star traditional property whilst receiving excellent standards of support (and, if they need it, care)

By bringing fresh thinking to a sector in need of innovation and commercial nous we aim to change it for the better.

Investment in technology, innovation, people and property are the four cornerstones of our business.

Technology: we're introducing new, interactive and accessible technologies and applications for the benefit of our residents, their families, our care and management teams, and investors;

Innovation: we will constantly challenge the norm, and seek new ideas to improve the way we operate and fund caring communities;

People: we'll bring the right people into our business, and make sure they always have the skills and resources to deliver the highest and most ethical standards of service to our residents, at all times;

Property: we acquire and redevelop luxurious, traditional accommodation, and breathe new life into the sector by attracting new private investors through our unique investment models.

This means that we'll be involved in every aspect of our caring communities - from their development and fit-out, through to their operation and care provision. We're also developing professional services and products that will benefit other providers, and the wider adult social care sector.